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Born in Kyoto in 1927 as the grandson of a Kano School painter and the son of a Nishijin textile pattern designer. Graduated from the Department of Japanese Painting of the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine Arts and Crafts, where his work attracted much attention, and entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (now Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music). After graduation from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, he studied under Yamamoto Kyujin (1900-1986). Self-Portrait and Zoo won the Study Group Award at the 2nd Sozo Bijutsu Spring Exhibition. Held his first solo exhibition at the Yoseido Gallery in 1954. Met Misao Yokoyama in 1957 and became friend. Exhibited Flight in the 2th Guggenheim Award International Art Exhibition. Organized the art group Todoroki-kai with Tadashi Ishimoto and Misao Yokoyama. Held a one-man exhibition at the Janet Nestler Gallery (NY) in 1961. Became Professor of Japanese Painting Deparment at the Tama Art University in 1966. In 1973, with the passing of his friend Misao Yokoyama, he resigned from the Japanese Painting Department of Tama Art University but reappointed in 1977. Completed the ceiling painting Dragon at Kuon-ji Temple in 1984. Became Professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts in 1988 after resigning from the Tama Art University. Started to design other than artworks such as the BMW Art Car series as well as the interior design of aircrafts and luxury cruisers. Retired from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 1995. The exhibition "KAYAMA MATAZO — New Triumphs for Old Traditions" was held in the Japanese Galleries at the British Museum in 1996. Completed The Tenryu-ji Cloud Dragon in 1997 and was selected as a Person of Cultural Merit the same year. Honored with the Order of Culture in 2003. Dies at the age of 76 in 2004.


Born in Tokyo in 1948. Graduated the Saint Paul’s University in Tokyo. Resident of New York City since 1974. His signature practice spans the mediums of photography, sculpture, installation, performing arts, architecture and garden design and his works are collected in some of the most prestigious museums of the world. His art deals with history and temporal existence through a variety of subject matters. He explores issues surrounding time, empiricism, and metaphysics that bridge eastern and western ideologies while examining the nature of perception and the origins of consciousness. Founded an architectural design office New Meterial Research Laboratory in 2008 and Odawara Art Foundation in 2009. Awarded the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography in 2001, the 21st Praemium Imperiale in 2009, the Isamu Noguchi Award in 2014 and others. Honored with the Order of the Medal with Purple Ribbon, the Officier des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. Recently selected as Person of Cultural Merit. Published many books including Sense of Space, Time Exposed,
Utsutsu na zou, Origin of Art.


Born in Nagano in 1953. Obtained Doctor of Fine Arts in painting from the Tokyo University of the Arts. Selected as the Overseas Research Fellowships by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and stayed in US in
order to inquire about the new possibility of the environmental art installation of the United States and Europe. Participated to Paris Biennale in 1982 and to various group exhibitions worldwide. Held solo exhibition ‘VOICE OF SITE’ in SVA Gallery in NY, ‘Art and Environment’ at the Museum of University of Hawaii, ‘Paper Anti Paper’ at China Central Academy of Fine Arts and in many galleries in Japan such as
Gallery Kobayashi and Gallery Omotesando, Tokyo. Trustee, Vice President, Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts.

IKEDA Manabu

Born in Saga. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Obtained MFA in design.
Recipient of the Emerging Artist Overseas Study Grand of the Agency for Cultural Affairs and stayed in Vancouver, Canada.
Held solo exhibitions among which the “IKEDA Manabu The Pen -Condensed Universe-” is travelling in Japan now. Invited to many national/international group exhibitions such as the “Great New Wave: Contemporary Art from Japan” group exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Canada. Has his works collected in Mori Art Museum, Chazen Museum of Art (USA). Currently, resident of Madison, Wisconsin, USA.


Born in Nara, 1943. Completed the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts. Entered to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and studied fresco painting techniques. Selected as a trainee for 1977 Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists. Selected as one of the official poster artists of Nagano Winter Olympics Game. Established Koji Kinutani Prize sponsored by Mainichi Dokuritsu Prize. Won Ohashi Prize and Dokuritsu Prize in 1966, Yasui Prize in 1974 and Japan Art Academy Prize in 2001. Person of Cultural Merit. Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University of the Arts. Member of the Japan Art Academy and the Dokuritsu Art Association.

OHI Chozaemon XI

Born in Ishikawa,1958. Succeeded to the name of OHI Chozaemon XI in 2016. Obtained MFA from Boston University. Entered the Buddhist priesthood at Gesshin-ji Temple in Kanazawa. Received the tea ceremony master name by SEN Soshitsu XVI of Urasenke. Held many solo exhibitions including the Exhibition to Commemorate Succession to the name of OHI Chozaemon XI, was/ being invited to many invitational exhibitions in Japan and abroad. Won as ceramic artist many prizes including the Prime Minister of Japan Prize at Japan Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Special Prizes in Nitten Exhibitions. Is also active in the fields of interior design such as the design of Kagaya restaurant of Ginza. Won prizes in interior design including the Good Interior Design Prize of Ishikawa. His ceramic arts are collected to some of the renown museums/foundations of the world such as the LA County Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, David Rockefeller Office in NY, the Inner Kagura Hall of the Ise Grand Shrine, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary
Art of Kanazawa, Japan Foundation, Urasenke Chado Center in Kyoto and Sogetsu Hall. Currently Visiting Associate Professor in the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY), Tainan National College of the Arts (Taiwan) and Kanazawa University. Advisory Member of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Member of International Academy of Ceramic Arts. Member/Judge of Nitten. Executive Director/Judge of the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Association.

Hiroshi SENJU

Born in Tokyo, 1958.
Obtained BFA and MFA from the Tokyo University of Arts. Withdrew from the doctoral program after fulfilling the credit requirements at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. Received Honorable Mention at 46th La Biennale di Venezia. His works are installed and collected by institutions/ museums such as Shofuso, Philadelphia, USA, Daitokuji Jukoin Temple, Yakushiji Temple and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA. Former President of Kyoto University of Art & Design. Presently Professor in Kyoto University of Art & Design.


Born in Nagano, 1984. Graduated from Joshi College of Art and Design. Donated Shin-Fudoki to Izumo Grand Shrine and is permanently exhibited at Shinkoden. Collaborating with Kazuyuki Ishihara, she created Komainu and participated to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Her work won Gold Medal and is collected in the British Museum. A documentary TV program “Jonetsu Tairiku” featured Komatsu’s art creation. Her latest work will be collected and exhibited in WTC, NY. She is also an expert in naginata.


Born in Yamagata, 1933. Graduated from Tokyo Junior College of Photography. Directed and produced short film “Navel and the A-Bomb”. Produced many important works such as Man and Woman, Ordeal by Roses and Kamaitachi. Received numerous awards including the 150th Anniversary Special Medal from Royal Photographic Society (UK). Became the first Japanese to receive the Lucie Awards. Honored with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette. Person of Cultural Merit. Professor Emeritus at Tokyo Polytechnic University.

Yoshiyasu TAMURA

Born in Gunma, 1977. Graduated from Gunma University, Faculty of Education. Started drawing manga series Fudegami on Monthly Shonen Jump from 2003. At the same time, began career as painter inspired by Western style. After having his work exhibited at “Nihonga ZERO”, exhibition under supervision of Takashi MURAKAMI, started exhibiting at numerous overseas art fairs. Held solo exhibition at Palazzo Medici-Riccardi in Florence, Italy. Collaborated with London fashion brand McQ Alexander McQueen for women autumn /winter collection 2014.