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    千住 博 Hiroshi SENJU

    ウォーターフォール Waterfall

    フラットウォーター #3 Flatwater #3






    1958年東京都生まれ。東京藝術大学美術学部絵画科日本画専攻卒業、同大学大学院博士課程単位取得満期退学。第46 回ヴェネツィアビエンナーレにて名誉賞を受賞。米フィラデルフィア「松風荘」、大徳寺聚光院、薬師寺、NYメトロポリタン美術館等に収蔵。京都造形芸術大学前学長、現在同大学教授。

    Born in Tokyo, 1958. Obtained BFA and MFA from the Tokyo University of Arts. Withdrew from the doctoral program after fulfilling the credit requirements at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. Received Honorable Mention at 46th La Biennale di Venezia. His works are installed and collected by institutions/ museums such as Shofuso, Philadelphia, USA, Daitoku-ji Jukoin Temple, Yakushi-ji Temple and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA. Former President of Kyoto University of Art & Design. Presently Professor in Kyoto University of Art & Design.