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    十一代 大樋長左衛門 Chozaemon XI OHI

    大樋飴釉窯変渦茶盌 Amber Ohi Tea Bowl

    大樋飴釉窯変聖茶盌 Amber Ohi Tea Bowl, Hijiri Style






    1958 年石川県生まれ。2016 年に十一代大樋長左衛門を襲名。ボストン大学大学院修士課程修了。曹洞宗月心寺(金沢)にて得度。裏千家第十六代家元・千宗室より茶名拝受。襲名記念個展および招待出品多数。日本現代工芸美術展において内閣総理大臣賞受賞、日展において特選を2 回受賞など、陶芸家・デザイナーとして受賞多数。加賀屋銀座店の陶壁/設計監修など空間プロデュース分野でも活躍中。手掛けた陶芸作品は、LAカウンティ─ 美術館、デトロイト美術館、ロックフェラーオフィスや伊勢神宮内宮神楽殿、金沢21世紀美術館、国際交流基金、裏千家茶道資料館、草月会館などに収蔵。ロチェスター工科大学、台湾国立台南大学、金沢大学の客員教授。東京芸術大学講師。文化庁長官アドバイザリーメンバー。国際陶芸アカデミー(IAC)会員。日展会員/審査員。日本現代工芸美術家協会常務理事/審査員。

    Born in Ishikawa,1958. Succeeded to the name of OHI Chozaemon XI in 2016. Obtained MFA from Boston University. Entered the Buddhist priesthood at Gesshin-ji Temple in Kanazawa. Received the tea ceremony master name by SEN Soshitsu XVI of Urasenke. Held many solo exhibitions including the Exhibition to Commemorate Succession to the name of OHI Chozaemon XI, was being invited to many invitational exhibitions in Japan and abroad. Won as ceramic artist many prizes including the Prime Minister of Japan Prize at Japan Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Special Prizes in Nitten Exhibitions. Is also active in the fields of interior design such as the design of Kagaya restaurant of Ginza. Won prizes in interior design including the Good Interior Design Prize of Ishikawa. His ceramic arts are collected to some of the renown museums/foundations of the world such as the LA County Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, David Rockefeller Office in NY. Currently Visiting Associate Professor in the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY), Tainan National College of the Arts (Taiwan) and Kanazawa University. Advisory Member of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Member of International Academy of Ceramic Arts. Member/Judge of Nitten. Executive Director/Judge of the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Association.