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    小林栄子 Eiko KOBAYASHI

    小林栄子 青紫の付け下げ& 同じ着物のドレス(大正時代) Kimono Dress made from Blue Purple Tsugesage of Taisho Era



    宮城県生まれ。桑沢デザイン研究所卒業。日本の着物文化である染め、織りを始めとした伝統技術の素晴らしさが残るアンティーク着物を用いた創作ドレスデザイナー。これらの衣装の世界観を音楽、舞、映像と共に体感するショー“天空”、“Beyond KIMONO”を各国の大使館と共に文化交流舞台として紹介し、着物の持つ魅力を多角的に伝えている。シニア活性化プロジェクト“ミラクルエイジファッションショー”を主催。美・JAPON 理事長。コスチュームデザイナー。演出家。

    Born in Miyagi. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. Kimono dress designer. Specialized in using antique traditional kimono as main material, is pursuing to re-use the traditional methods of hand-printing, embroidery and dying of these antique kimonos. In cooperation with Embassies of Japan in various countries, is holding fashion shows “TENKU” and “Beyond Kimono” presenting her world with music, dance and images specially chosen for the occasion, introducing the beauty of kimono. At the same time, is organizing fashion shows for middle-aged generation, and is gaining popularity with her advices as a fashion stylist. Awarded as Japanese representative and Top 5 haute couture dress designer in Fashion ASIA 2013. Representative of “be Japon.”