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    金子富之 Tomiyuki KANEKO


    暗龗 Kuraokami

    怖畏金剛 Vajrabhairava




    埼玉県出身。東北芸術工科大学大学院芸術工学研究科博士課程修了。幼少より土俗的な精神世界へ興味を持ち、妖怪や精霊、神々など、目に見えない精神的な存在の実体化を続ける。平成27 年度文化庁新進芸術家海外研修生としてカンボジアに留学。金子富之展「荒ぶる神々」(ミヅマアートギャラリー)ほか個展多数開催、グループ展にも出品多数。19th DOMANI ─明日展」(新国立美術館)では作品が展覧会のメインビジュアルに選ばれる。山形在住。

    Born in Saitama. Obtained Ph.D. from Tohoku University of Art & Design. Studied in Cambodia as a recipient of 2015 Overseas Study Program for New Artists by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Paints mostly specters and living spirits of Japanese folklore spiritual world. Held many solo exhibitions including “Savage Deities” at Mizuma Art Gallery and participated to important group exhibitions such as “19th DOMANI: Tomorrow” at the National Art Center where his work was used as the front image of the Exhibition.