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    村田佳代子 Kayoko MURATA

    四月の来日 Visit to Japan in April 1981


    東京都出身。国内外展覧会に多数入賞。1995 伊国際美術展大賞受賞により、伊ラヴェンナ市立美術館にて個展「日本のキリシタン」開催。キリシタン歴史画家として特異な存在となる。6回の海外個展を含め個展多数。日本美術家連盟会員。カトリック美術協会会員。村田良策記念アトリエM主宰。鎌倉美術連盟代表。

    Born in Tokyo. Won many national/international prizes. Held 54 solo exhibitions nationwide and 6 abroad including the solo exhibition “Japanese Hidden Christians” in the Museum of Ravenna City. Became special artist to paint the history of Hidden Christians since. Member of Japan Artists Association. Member of Catholic Arts Association. President of “Atelier M built in commemorating the late Ryosaku Murata.” President of Kamakura Art League.