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    吉川夏子 Natsuko KIKKAWA

    小叢 Small Bushes 91.0×116.7cm

    秋湖 Autumnal Lake 45.5×53.0cm


    岩手県出身。大病後、絵の道を志す。木村明夫に師事。第36 回國美藝術展 東京都知事賞ほか受賞多数。2015 年に瑞宝双光章受章を記念して『吉川夏子 画集 ─生命の尊さと輝きを色彩に託して─』を出版。

    Born in Iwate. Studied under Akio Kimura. Won many prizes including Tokyo Governor Prize at 36th Kokubi Art Exhibition. Published a collection of her paintings in 2015 in commemoration of receiving the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Rays.