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    大谷笙紅 Shoko OTANI


    竹取物語そのV「安心」 The Tale of Princess Kaguya V “Homecoming”



    大分県出身。禅画を経て、墨相画心統一筆法創元・武井泰道に師事。日本墨相展にて3 度大賞のほか特別心技賞、金賞、銀賞、銅賞など受賞多数。2018 年『魂のふるさとを求めて 大谷笙紅 墨相画の世界』を出版。墨相画心統一筆法・師範科正師範。公益財団法人天風会会員。

    Born in Oita. Studies under Taido Mui, founder of Bokusoga Shintoitsu style. Three times winner of First Prize in Bokuso Exhibition as well as ther awards including Special Awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes. Publishes In Pursuit of the Home of the Soul The World of Bokusoga of Shoko Otani in 2018. Master of Bokusoga Shintoitsu style. Member of Tempukai Association.