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Akie Abe
Spouse of the 90th, 96th, and 97th Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. Besides contributing as the First Lady,
she has actively engaged herself in the field of education through supporting the Asian University for Women (AUW) in Bangladesh and ‘Terakoya’ education in Myanmar as well as in the activities promoting organic agriculture and environmental protection.

Kiyoshi Kasahara
Born in 1948. Completed the Master’s Course of Division of Sociology, Keio University Graduate School and became
a doctor of sociology. After studying at the University of Belgrade and teaching as Professor at Rikkyo University, currently Professor of Atomi University and Chief Professor of Beijing Center for Japanese Studies. Specialist in sociology and organization theory.


“Digital Food Award” for Anne’s Kitchen Website
Food & Wine Magazine, US (2013). “Best non-fiction book” for Anne’s Kitchen Luxembourg Book Prize (2014). Founder and Vice-President of “Luxembourg Food Academy” asbl. Member of the Guild of Food Writers.

Paul Smither

Garden Designer, Horticulturist. Born in Berkshire, the United Kingdom. He learnt horticulture and garden designing at Wisley Garden of the Royal Horticultural Society (UK) and the Longwood Gardens (USA).Since the establishment of the Garden Rooms in Mitaka City, Tokyo, Japan in 1997, He has designed and constructed gardens at private houses, commercial facilities, and public spaces. Also, he serves as garden designer, consultant and lecturer. In 2000, he won the RHS Premier Award
(Presentation Garden, the 1st Gardening Show, Tokyo). He published many books include: Paul Smither no Shizen-ryu Niwazukuri (in Japanese, Paul Smither’s Natural Gardening, Kodansha Ltd.), etc. He also published a series of DVDs entitled “Shiki no Garden Seikatsu, Paul Ryu Engei Technique (in Japanese, Four Seasons’Gerden Life - Paul Style Gardening Technique), 4-volume, BS Fuji. http://www.gardenrooms.jp/